Ten things you should know about intramurals at Cal Poly

1 .Three divisions separate the talent…PhiOmega

No matter what your talent, there is a team for you out there. If you want a competitive league, division 1 is for you. Division 2 and 3 are less competitive respectively.

2. Athletes can play in co-rec leagues which include both genders…IMSPORTS.8

Do you have lots of friends of the opposite gender? Perfect, because intramural sports allow you to play co-ed leagues. There is a slight modification of the rules for co-ed games, encouraging the participation of both genders. Playing on a co-ed sports team has lots of social and health benefits.

3. ASI offers exclusive Panhellenic and IFC tournaments and leagues… IMSPORTS.7

Greeks are offered exclusive opportunities to play sports against each other in ICF and Panhellenic leagues. This allows for a more competitive greek system.

4. Individual and partner tournaments are held according to Rec Center availabilityCHLOEGABLE.ASS

Games like ping pong tournaments and sand volleyball doubles are held several times per quarter. There are many opportunities to win a championship. Many other creative tournaments are posted by ASI.

5. ASI and intramural are exclusively student run and driven…IMSPORTS.9

Intramural leagues employ lots of student administrators and referees. If you love sports and need a job, being an intramural ref is for you! Contact ASI for more information.

6. Intramural sports are great social activities…IMSPORTS.6

Playing sports on a co-ed team is a great way to meet friends and have a social life. Theres nothing better than getting a group of friends to start a volleyball team, or get a special someone to be your racquetball partner.

7. Amateur athletes get to play officiated games and are given the ability to be competitive…IMSPORTS.1

Otherwise unavailable to amateur athletes, officiated games are something that is hard to come by. Sometimes playing pickup sports gets frustrating when it comes to calling fouls and other calls, so ASI makes it easy to play officiated games.

8. Playing in several leagues is a great way to stay in shape…IMSPORTS.10

If you’re a part of several leagues, multiple nights per week will be dedicated to playing that sport. Playing sports several times a week is a great way to stay healthy physically and mentally.

9. There are over 10,000 student participants in over 150 leagues…IMSPORTS.12

Besides school, intramural sports have the most student involvement. With 10,000 participants, so many things can be done, including different divisions and different sports. Sign up for a competitive nine-on-nine soccer league, or a co-ed inter-tube water polo league. With 150 leagues, theres a perfect level of competition for everyone.

10. All athletes need to create a profile through IMLeagues.com Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 5.34.32 PM.pngUnlike years past where athletes could sign up spur of the moment at the IM table, all athletes must make an account registered through the school email. This prevents teams from picking up free agents on the fly, and also digitalizes all the teams, scores, and games.


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