Cameron Bones wears two uniforms: One with stripes and a whistle, and one reads “Wallbanger”

Cameron Bones blows the last whistle ending the volleyball match between two teams. She watches them shake hands, and congratulates the winning team.

Instead of simply officiating the game, Cameron is also making a mental scouting report of the good players and how to beat the tougher of the teams. Cameron’s own team, the Wallbangers, is warming up in the corner, and she scrambles to change into her volleyball attire before they take the court.

Being on ASI, and also an active intramural player, Cameron keeps herself busy. Her role with ASI is part of the administration, so she schedules tournaments for volleyball leagues and also participates.

Thankfully, its volleyball season for Cameron. Since there are less teams, and less players altogether, it’s less time consuming. Sports like soccer and flag football are very hectic for members of ASI.

Not many students know this, but ASI is completely student run. They are completely in charge and credited for the intramural program’s success.

The Wallbangers are a force to be reckoned with. With an outstanding record of 4-0 with dreams of going 5-0, Cameron and her team can’t be more excited for playoffs.

Something that all Cal Poly students know and respect are the flashy “Intramural Champion” tee shirts. Being on ASI, Cameron has access to the shirts, but feels like she would wear it with more pride if she actually won it.

A typical intramural team might consist of greek brothers or sisters, a residence hall, or just a ragtag group of friends. No matter what the occasion, winning the IM Champ shirts is a big deal, and is something to be very proud of.

Cameron’s favorite part about being so involved with the intramural program however isn’t the competitive nature.

As much as intramurals are used as an outlet for competition, its just as often used to form friendships. Not only can a team make lasting memories by winning a championship, but they can also become close friends.

Teams get set up all the time, for instance, fraternities and sororities often send their best players to compete together for social purposes.

Cameron mentions that its the little things that make working for ASI worth it. She sees it all-the triumph, the conflict, and the heartbreak. Its the moments like this that make all sports special. Statistics are great, but every athlete is out there playing for something different. Whether it is to impress a girl, forge a friendship, or win a tee shirt, the intramural program has it all.




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