Joseph Schutz is a Cal Poly student studying journalism with future hopes of being a broadcast sports reporter. However, Joseph’s career path doesn’t define him as a person. Sure, he is a huge sports fan, supporting Cal Poly athletics, the Oakland Athletics, and the Sacramento Kings, but there is much more to him. He has strong family roots in Sacramento, branching from a family of over sixty who live locally.
Joseph has a deep desire to make a difference in this world and he has donated countless hours of community service throughout the past few years. Perhaps his most impressive accomplishment is his nonprofit organization Harvest for Hunger. All throughout high school, Joseph picked/collected surplus fruit from residents of Sacramento. Every season he would collect upwards of three-thousand pounds of citrus and donate it to local shelters. When Joseph isn’t working for Mustang News, in class, or at a Kings game, he can be found at Phi Sigma Kappa. As a proud member of his fraternity, he spends most of his free time hanging out with his bros. Joseph holds several positions in Phi Sig—Sorority relations, co-social, and safer chair.
As a reporter for Poly Playbook, Joseph is at most home games for Cal Poly athletics. He can be found on a random Tuesday night at a women’s basketball game, or on the field for a soccer playoff game. No matter the size of the sporting event, Joseph covers it with film and analysis. He has also anchored several times for Poly Playbook, improving each time.
Mustang News isn’t Joseph’s first job however. He has worked many jobs, mostly with children. When it comes to counseling kids, Joseph is as experienced as it gets. He has been a counselor for all kinds of kids—kids with Muscular Dystrophy, kids with down syndrome, and all sorts of regular goof-balls.


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